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Successful Business Networking – the Do’s and Dont's

Posted by Richard McKeon on Jan 13, 2016 10:03:43 AM

You have already pre-registered your visit to Intersec 2016. Now it is time to get ready for the networking opportunities. Knowing your strategic approach will ensure a successful business networking experience.

There are three main areas to consider for preparing for and making the most of networking events during the show:

1. Pre event planning
2. During event networking
3. Post event execution

for some do’s and don’ts that will help you achieve successful business networking.

Successful Business Networking – the Do’s and Don’ts
1. Pre event planning

Do prepare your ‘Elevator Pitch’ in advance

Your elevator pitch is a key element of making that first impression count. It is your chance to spark interest in your product, idea or organisation. Called an elevator pitch or speech because it should last no longer than 20 or 30 seconds, the length of time you may have in a short elevator ride with someone you want to impress. Make sure you include your unique selling point (USP) to truly communicate your value.

Do be selective

This is one of the world’s largest trade fairs for security, safety and fire protection and it only occurs once a year. Networking opportunities for your industry will abound. But you can’t possibly attend them all. Only attend the business networking events that matter most to you. Do you have colleagues also attending Intersec? If so, be sure to communicate with them in advance. Don’t double up at events, split the load between you and you will achieve a much wider reach.

Don’t forget your objective

What do you want to achieve? Having a clear objective means you are much more likely to have successful business networking events. Are you looking to meet new people, do market research or find potential clients? Whatever your reason, keep it in mind as you work that floor. Coming away with five relevant business cards will be much more effective than having the names of forty insignificant people that you have no reason to keep in contact with.

2. During event networking

Do try to enjoy yourself

You might find the idea of having to attend so many networking events in a short space of time tiresome or intimidating. Set out with the intention of enjoying them and you may surprise yourself. Remember, people are drawn to a friendly, smiling face so if you are seen to be enjoying yourself it is more likely that you will succeed in your objectives.

Do bring value

It is not always about what you can get out of these events. Sometimes the favour will be on you. Be prepared to bring your own value to the event and help someone else out. Everyone you meet at these events is connected to the safety and security sector in some way. You never know when that favour might be returned. It’s a small world after all.

Don’t forget to take notes

After you have mingled with a few people, find a quiet corner and discreetly write some notes about who you have met. Take note of certain details about conversations you have had so you can remember them later. This will make your post event follow up more personable and thus, more effective.

3. Post event execution

Don’t forget to follow up!

So you nailed it at all those business networking events. It’s now time to maximize on the contacts you have made. Go through all those business cards you gathered and take the time out to contact each and every one of them individually. Remember all those notes you took during the events? It’s now time to refer back to them and add that personal touch when you reach out to your new contacts. Not only will this show you took interest in the discussion you had, but it could also help to jog their memory of you. And remember to follow up as soon as you have returned to base. Leave it too long, and you will have lost the momentum.

A successful business networking experience

By following even some of these steps you are sure to have a more successful business networking experience. The more you become accustomed to networking, the easier it becomes and pretty soon you will be working that floor like a seasoned pro.

Best of luck at the exhibition and we look forward to hearing your feedback by contacting:  


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