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Top Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Show Attendance

Posted by Richard McKeon on Nov 15, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Tim Compston, Features Editor at Security News Desk and, shares his top tips for getting the most out of your attendance at Intersec 2017.

Having attended hundreds of trade shows and read thousands of pages of PR relating to companies, products, services and more, it constantly amazes the Security Media team how companies fail to capitalise on the significant outlay they have invested in attending and exhibiting at a trade show.

Hopefully you will find our top tips useful for getting the most out of your investment in Intersec 2017, please feel free to send us your feedback using the email at the end of this guide.


Top Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Show AttendanceA
void the Mad Rush

A week before any show every exhibitor and related PR company sends out Press Releases describing their brand, products, releases and attendance. The trouble with this is every firms piece of kit is the best in the market, all companies are market or world leading, and everyone is putting the same message out at the same time. The chances are your message will get lost in the crowd.

  • Get your key messages out earlier, have a plan that runs from 3 months before and builds up to your attendance.

  • Get found on google: one piece of PR sent to multiple outlets will get Google penalised.  Target your PR at outlets with a Google accreditation and provide original pieces.

  • Identify who is writing blogs/articles for the event organisers, contribute to them and get the organisers promoting you for free!

  • Don’t stop once the show is over. Keep your flow of PR going and have one as a show review – it is likely the show organisers will repost it to their social media audience.

Be Social

Use social media, in particular Twitter and LinkedIn, post to the event hashtag and into the event group. It’s easy, it’s free and it’s generally not done.  Don’t forget to keep posting through the show and reposting organisers messages, they are more likely to repost yours.  Again, don’t stop once the show finishes.

Time Your Press Calls

A press call when the opening keynote speaker or ViP is visiting is likely to attract the B team only.  Time your press calls around the show programme for maximum effect.

Help The Press To Help You

Your CEO is not the most important person in the world (to the press/media outlets) so trying to book time for him or her with journalists may make you look good, but there is no guarantee that the interview will be written up.  In many cases journalists are looking for sound bites for pieces about the event. Remember it will take a good journalist about a day to write up a 30-40 minute interview so if you are not a customer of their publication then they are less likely to be able to afford the time to do it.

Why not get your CEO’s views of the show, its value, the foot fall and why it is somewhere your company has to be and offer that to the principal media partner for use without prompting at the show.  It is likely that the show organisers would use it too.  More free exposure across the show database.

A new bit of kit is not necessarily newsworthy! The fact that you have introduced a new range of “stuff” does not necessarily make it newsworthy.  When planning a release make it as exciting as possible and make sure it is genuinely newsworthy otherwise it will get lost as every company will have something “new”.

Press releases: PDF format is of little use – provide press releases in ideally word format with a good quality picture in .jpg or .png format.  If you have invested in Google Ad Words make sure you have those key words in the first paragraph and body of your press release.  List those key words for the media outlet to use. 400 words should be a minimum length (Google doesn’t index below 360) 600 (ish) maximum. Hard copy press releases are of little use so make sure you provide them electronically to the right person.

Think Video 

Some facts about video: Cisco quote that by 2017 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be video. Its naturally engaging, if a picture paints 1000 words then one minute of video is worth 1.8 million according to Forrester’s research. Axonn Research found 7 in 10 people view brands in a more positive light after watching interesting video content from them. Video is the future of content marketing, Nielsen claims 64% of marketeers expect video to dominate their future strategies. YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google. Video online will give your audience 24/7 access to your key show messages.


Get Advice

The team at Security Media will happily provide further free advice – drop them a line or send your questions to


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